Chestnut Honey:

Place of origin/Period: Calabria Sila woods (June)

Very rich in mineral salts, Chestnut Honey is produced in the immense, mid-Sila chestnut woods. It does not crystallize due to its chemical/physical qualities. It has a warm, amber colour which can tend towards a reddish hue. The scent is penetrating and the taste very aromatic.

Sizes available: 400g - 250 g

Properties: Antispasmodic, astringent and disinfectant for the urinary tract, it helps blood circulation. It is particularly recommended for the elderly and children.

Recipe: Hot pecorino cheese with Chestnut Honey

320 g fresh pecorino cheese
2 spoonfuls of Chestnut Honey
40 g of shelled walnuts

Cut the cheese into narrow slices. Divide the slices into 4 ovenproof dishes and scatter the crushed walnuts over them. Place in the oven pre-heated to180° and cook until the pecorino is soft. Drizzle over some Chestnut Honey and serve hot.